Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The NEW YourStory Photo


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Today I'd like to share a new produce with you.  Provo Craft has just introduced the new YourStory Personal Binding System, available exclusively at HSN (Home Shopping Network) until early 2011. This binding system will allow you to preserve your memories by creating your own books, photo albums, and journals the easy way! You will have everything you need to create photo albums, recipe books, flipbooks, and much more. The YourStory Photo machine can bind albums up to 6 ¼” wide. Whether you want to create unique gifts, memory books, or a host of other paper crafting projects, the YourStory Photo machine is perfect for first time crafters and veterans alike.

• Binds albums up to 6 ¼” wide
• Comes with two 4″ x 6″ covers (Berry and White)
• Comes with two 5″ x 7″ covers (Lime and Charcoal)
• Use to create photo albums, recipe books, and much more

With the Your Story Photo, you can bind approximately 40 pages of regular printer paper, 20 pages of card stock and 24 photos.

You can even add and delete pages to your book once it is bound. Simply place your book back into the YourStory Photo to heat up the glue in the spine. Once you hear the beep, slide the pages out and add the additional page (s) to your book. At this point you’ll need to add a new glue strip (cut to the appropriate length) and rebind your book following the original instructions.

Although covers are available for the YourStory Photo Personal Binding Machine, you can also make your own covers out of paper, chipboard, cloth etc. However, do not use plastic, as the heat that binds will also melt the plastic.

By the way, as a safety precaution, YourStory Photo will automatically turn itself off after approximately 10 minutes if the machine is not in use.

Unlike its big brother, the original YourStory, the YourStory Photo will NOT laminate.

If you are interested in a binding system that will bind books larger than 6 ¼ inches wide and will also laminate, then you may want to consider purchasing the larger YourStory. The Original YourStory bundle is currently available for 64.99 at You can find it here …

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April Maybee said...

I really like this story photo. Is HSN the onky one that sells it? I would love to get one for me and my daughter for Christmas.


happyilyscrappin1 said...

Hey girl, I have a blog award for you, just go to may blog to get it.. Thanks for all you share and create