Friday, September 25, 2009

Winter Woodlands Card Birthday Card - Made with the Gypsy

Hello Everyone!

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I did it ... Whewwww ... what a challenge ... I designed my first card using the Gypsy ... It took a while because there were so many cuts in different sizes. I'm proud of myself though because this was a great learning experience. I'm loving my new toy!

This is a birthday card for a MB member's DD who is turning 16 and a half. A long story, but it's a special celebration for them. This is the card I came up with, all cuts were made with the Winter Woodlands cart, including the center cut-out piece. I took the idea from my Ultimate Crafters Companion and designed it with my Gypsy so it could be cut on my "E". Printed paper, card stock, pop dots and a bow ... oh, and of course, one of my silly lil verses . Hope you like it!

This is the front of the card ...

Here's a close up ...

And here is the card Center ...

(Note:  Click on any image to view full size)

I'd love to hear your comments ... Thanx for looking.

Have a Great Day Everyone!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Celebrate the 100th Cricut Cartridge - Week #3

Just a reminder to everyone ...

Be sure to go to the message board and check out the 100th Cricut Cartridge Celebration ... they are having a contest and giving away a Winter Woodlands cartridge to 20 lucky winners each week for five weeks.  I was a lucky winner during week #1 ... we are now in week #3, so if you haven't entered yet ... go to the message board in the Cricut Chat Forum and check it out ... following are the particulars ...

Help us celebrate our 100th Cricut cartridge—Winter Woodland! That’s right, we reached 100 cartridges. As a thank you for our great Cricut community members we want you to celebrate with us. So, we’re giving away 100 cartridges over the next five weeks (20 per week).

Here’s how it will work.

Each week we will be posting a thread. When you respond to the thread you will be entered to win. You can enter once by replying and you can enter a second time by posting on your blog about the celebration and linking back to the cartridge product page. Here is the link to include in your blog.
Once you’ve posted on your blog with the link back you can post again to this thread.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

WINNER in the Cricut's 100th Cartridge Celebration Give-Away!

I WON!!! In Cricut’s 100th Cartridge Celebration!  Yippeeee!

OMG … I am sooooo excited. I was just contacted by a member of the Cricut Admin Team that I was one of the winners for week #1 of Cricut's 100th Cartridge Celebration Give-Away!  How great is that? Thank you Provo Craft!  I’m doing the happy dance. Ü

For those that haven’t entered the contest yet … Don’t Hesitate another minute … go enter NOW.  The only way to guarantee that you won’t win … is to not enter at all. With 20 winners selected every week for 5 weeks, a total of 100 winners will receive Cricut’s 100th cartridge, Winter Woodlands … Just like I did … Yippee!!!

Here’s what you could win …
Look at some of the wonderful images this cart has to offer ...
That is just a sampling ... there are other wonderful images, layers, card features, 3 dimensional houses and snowmen and trees, tags, and a fabulous font too!

Look below for additional information on how you could be a winner too!!! And head on over to for even more information and your chance to enter now! ( )


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cricut's 100th Cartridge Celebration - Week 2

Just a Reminder .... We are now in week 2 of Provo Crafts Celebration of their 100th Cricut Cartridge!  As a thank you to the Cricut Community, PC is giving away 100 carts over a five week period (20 carts a week!).  We are already in week 2, so if you haven't joined in the celebration yet ... I encourage you to do so ASAP so that your don't miss out on your chance to win.

Here's how it works ...

Each week Provo Craft will be posting a thread on the Cricut Message Board  at    When you respond to the thread you will be entered to win. You can enter once by replying and you can enter a second time by posting on your blog about the celebration and linking back to the cartridge product page. Here is the link to include in your blog ...   Once you’ve posted on your blog with the link back you can post again to the thread.

Good Luck Everyone!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Blog in Town

Oh goodness.......have you heard the news about the new Blog in Town????

The new blog is Cutting Above, and I am super excited to be joining the collection of other talented and fabulous ladies as a Design Team Member.  Check it out at

Cutting Above is THE new place for industry news, review information, tutorials, videos and just about anything else related to scrapbooking and die cut machines!!

Provo Craft is helping us celebrate! That's right. They have generously donated 2 Gypsies to be given away for our launch as well as to celebrate their Grand Opening on HSN!!

Check it out and be sure to enter for your chance to win a new Gypsy!!!

So how can you win? Well it's really easy ....

1) On your blog and 2 other forums (where allowed), create a post about the show on HSN airing September 24th. Please also post about the Cutting Above blog and its debut. (Note: If you do not have a blog, please post to at least 3 places to be eligible)

2) Become a follower of the Cutting Above blog!

3) Put our blinkie on your blog or any other forum/group etc. you belong (again where allowed)

4) Comment to the post with your follower information, links of your 3 posts along with a link to your blog where our blinkie is listed.

Comments should be posted by 12:00 midnight EST on October 2nd

So stop by the Cutting Above Blog ... and  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Simple Card - Playing With Scraps

My friend Maggie invited me to join her at a crop this week-end ... what a great time I had. Lots of fun conversations ... I met several new friends that enjoy the same passion for scrapping and card crafting that I do, and even met up with old friends that I hadn't seen in a while.  What a great group of ladies they are!

Lots of creativity going on all over the place ... I'll share that I was doing more socializing than crafting ... but that's just how I am! (((wink))) We shared tools and techniques ... I had the chance to try out my new Spellbinders shapeabilities and boarderabilities ... which I totally love ... and they were a great hit by many of the other ladies there.

Towards the later part of the evening, I had started putting my things away knowing that the evening would be ending soon and not wanting to start something new that I wouldn't have time to finish. As I sat there and continuted to chat, I started playing with some of my left over scraps. Mostly with the Core'dinations paper. OMG ... I totally love this paper ... if you haven't tried it yet, all I can say is ... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? This paper is fabulous!  Ü

Anyway ... here's the card I made from my scraps ... as you can see, there is almost no cuts on it at all ... just a lot of torn paper, some cuttling and a little sanding to bring out the wonderful colors from the core'dinations paper that I cuttled ... a pair of google eyes (which came from one of the ladies there that was kind enough to share from her stash) and a ribbon ... Oh, and I did use my MS branch punch too. That's it ... waaa laaa, a simple little card.

Yes, I know it looks like a child made it ... hey, what can I say, I was having fun playing with scraps! (((big ole grin)))

(click on images for a larger view)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Provo Craft Celebrates their 100th Cricut Cartridge

If you are a member of the Cricut Message Board, you have likely already heard the news ... Provo Craft is Celebrating their 100th Cricut Cartridge with a fun contest. If you’re not a member yet … now would be a great time to join the Cricut MB ( … not just for this contest … but because it’s a wonderful place to share your Cricut creations, ask general crafting questions, be inspired by incredibly talented crafters, and develop beautiful new friendships with others that share your same joy of crafting.

To celebrate their 100th Cartridge, Provo Craft has made the following invitation …

“Help us celebrate our 100th Cricut cartridge — Winter Woodland! That’s right, we reached 100 cartridges. As a thank you for our great Cricut community members we want you to celebrate with us. So, we’re giving away 100 cartridges over the next five weeks (20 per week).”

So stop by the Cricut MB to see what it’s all about and join in the fun … and be sure to check out this link too!

Good luck to everyone that enters the contest!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

$250 Shopping Spree at The Scrapping Cottage

How would you like to win a $250 shopping spree at the Scrapping Cottage? That's right - the winner will get to choose $250 worth of products at The Scrapping Cottage!

Check it out here ...

Etched Dishes

Greetings Everyone!

With the Holidays just around the corner ... I know that many of you are looking for gift ideas.  Why not try etching something?  The process is easy and lots of fun ... and best of all, the end results are beautiful. 

Here are some dishes that I etched for my Son and his family.  The set includes dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, bowls and cups - service for 8. It was a lot of fun to do and soooooooo easy. I only had a small 3 oz bottle of the etching cream, and amazingly enough, I barely used half of it. The cream really goes a long way.

I used my Cricut to cut out the stencils and with the Joys of the Season cartridge (layer 1) for the birds and heart image and the Storybook cartridge for the lettering.

Following the pics ... are detailed etching directions.  (click on image to enlarge)

Here are the basic directions ....

1)  Cut a stencil out of vinyl (cuts great on the Cricut) of your desired shapes and/or words - NOTE: Be sure to consider the direction of your cut, this is particularly important for lettering .. in other words, are you putting the lettering on the inside or outside of the item ... invert the cut if necessary (for my glass set, the plates were etched on the inside/bottom and the image shines thru, the cups and bowls were etched on the outside/front and you see a direct view, so I turned the image around when I cut it).

2)  Press the reusable transfer paper over the top of your vinyl cut, making sure to work all the bubbles out, and slowly pull the adhesive protector sheet off of the back of your stencil.

3)  Apply your stencil to your CLEAN glass item, making sure to work out any kinks or air bubbles, and remove the transfer paper (keep the transfer paper, it's reusable!). The nice thing about the vinyl is that if you don't like where you've placed it, you can still lift it up, move it, and restick it easily.

4)  Apply a coat of etching cream - you can be generous, the cream goes a long way, but there is no need to goop it on too thick, you'll just be waisting the product. To apply the cream, use a stencil brush or dauber, or even a small piece of damp sponge. HINT#1:  hold it up to the light to be sure you didn't miss any spots. HINT #2: Check to be sure you didn't splatter any excess etching cream in an unwanted area, and remove with cloth or paper towel if you did.

5)  Allow to dry for minimum of 5 minutes ... however I recommend waiting 15-30 minutes. I experimented with this a little ... and saw no noticable difference in the etched image if you wait longer than the 15-30 minutes, however, if you leave it on to long the excess etching cream becomes increasingly more difficult to remove.

6)  While stencil is still in place, rinse off the excess etching cream using regular tap water. NOTE: I used luke-warm water and a soft sponge and lightly rubbed the excess cream while holding the item under the running water. This method made the removal very quick and easy.

7)  Lastly, remove the stencil, rinse again if necessary, and waaaa laaaa, you now have a beautiful piece of etched glass.

I use an assembly line method when I made the dishes ... 1) cut all stencils ... 2) applied stencil to all dish pieces ... 3) applied etching cream to each piece ... 4) waited 15-30 minutes ... 5) washed off excess cream ... 6) removed stencils ... 7) washed and dried glass piece ... 8) package and wrap up gift ... 9) Place package under tree (or in my case, mail off to DS and DIL )

Other Helpful Hints ...

1)  Be sure to apply a nice solid coating of the etching cream ... you don't need to "glob" it on super thick ... but you do want to be sure that it is well covered.

2)  Some types of treated glass will not etch well - pyrex brand for example ... some do fine, while others do not. I'm not sure why, but I'm guessing that since the etching cream technique is actually chemically changing the surface of the glass, it conflicts with the chemical changes some glass types have already received to withstand the high baking temperatures (not sure if that's true or not, but in my pea brain, it makes sense).

3)  Textured glass does not take etching well ... nor does the glass that appears to be crackeled. Colored glass is sometimes difficult to etch too.

4)  The etching cream seems to work best with larger (or thicker) images ... it actually looks the same, but it shows up better when more surface is covered. That is why I used the bulky Storybook font opposed to a slender font like Jasmine or Opposites Attract. Did you notice how the birds and heart show up so nicely on the bowl? I struggled trying to get the stencil to adhere to the curve of the bowl when I used the full name, so I decided to just do the birds/heart image, except that I made it extra large (it still fit in with the theme of the set, so I liked it just fine) ... the larger image popped out much nicer than any of the others.

5)  Be sure your surface is extra clean before you start. If there is any oily residue on the glass, it does effect the etching. Washing with soap and water first usually helps ... cleaning with rubbing alcohol and sponge or cotton ball, then wiping dry with a paper towel or cloth works well too.

BTW ... This process is permanent ... Short of breaking the item, your images will never wash off or fade.  They will always be there.

Give it a try, and be creative ... try etching on vases, glasses, mirrors, the glass in picture frames ... or any other glass item you can think of!