Thursday, October 22, 2009

Provo Craft Sweethearts Cartridge - Review and Card

Greetings Everyone and WELCOME to my Little Creation Corner … This is ♥Carol♥ … and today I'd like to share my personal review of the new Cricut Sweethearts Cartridge and a card I made with it too!

(NOTE:  Click on any image to see full size and detail)

I originally ordered this cartridge because there were a few images that I really wanted to have … the bicycle built for two, the couple sitting at a café table, the adorable little cupid, and several others. However, my excitement over this cartridge increased ten-fold when my girlfriend asked me if I would mind cutting a few images and sending them to her. The list of images she wanted cut ended up being at least two dozen … which gave me the chance to really work with this cartridge and check everything out closely right away. OH MY … This cartridge is loaded with so many wonderful images, and each one was so easy to cut. In fact, I found it was much easier to work with than many others. My mind is swimming with all the creative possibilities.

First, let’s talk about what’s on this cartridge … A wide selection of images, perfect for weddings, engagements, lovers/sweethearts, dating, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day … couples in various poses, hearts, gifts, bouquet, cupid and bow and arrow, shoes, gown and tuxedo, umbrella, bicycle built for two, cake, his and her towels, frog, cat, puppy, man proposing, ring and ring in box, envelope image, bells, church, birds in a nest, champagne glasses, scrolly pieces and design cuts, locks and keys, etc, plus word sentiments like love, sweetheart, bride, groom, I Do, puppy love, smitten kitten, kiss me, you’re invited, bridal shower, happy anniversary … and much more. BTW, you will also find shadow/blackout options, as well as layering features for most of the images. In addition, this cart also has a nice selection of cards, envelopes and tags.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the images on the Sweethearts cartridge …

Following is a glimpse of the other goodies with the special features options …

Keypad with Main Images

(Remember to click on images for full detail)







Now that we know what’s on this cartridge … what can we do with it? How about some of the following for a starter …. scrapbook layouts for your wedding, anniversary, bridal shower, reception, first date, or even your first kiss, Valentine’s Day, etc. Perhaps etching a picture as a gift for a special couple or etching glasses or candle holders, making T-Shirts, pillow cases, quilts, or even a table cloth and napkin set for a shower … how about making table decorations or centerpieces … and, let’s not forget the creative card making possibilities … WOW, the creative opportunities on this cartridge are endless! In fact, I’ve made a card for you to show one sample of what you can create …

Both the card and envelope were made using the Design Studio Program … the card was cut at 4.5 inches and the envelope was made at 7 inches.

(one more reminder to click on any image to see full detail and size)

I mated the envelope cut with red card stock.
(Note the little star above the jewel ... I use that cut out on the inside of the card)

For the shaped card, I used two images of the ring in the shadow feature, flipped one, added a rectangle (size .5”x2”) between the two to use as a connector piece, which were over lapped very closely together and then welded. This gave me the base shape of the card which I scored in the center. Next, I cut the box shape out in red and ran it thru my Cuttlebug. I cut the ring shape out using a silver metallic paper, and cut the jewel out using a silver hologram origami paper … the hologram paper gives the illusion of an actual sparkling diamond … the effect in real life is truly dazzling!

For the inside of the card, on the left side, I cut “save the date” out of the silver foil paper and backed it with a red shadow at a 2” size. For the right side, I added the red ring in the box, cut at 4.5” and layered the box in solid white to allow room for writing … I also added the white star to the jewel which was actually taken from the cutout on the envelope.

HELPFUL HINT: This "HINT" applies to those using the Design Studio Program. Unfortunately, there was a glitch of some type when this cartridge was added to the cartridge library … when you open it up, the function keys do not appear. There are only empty spaces where the function keys should be.  HOWEVER, when you click on the space where the function keys should be, the function options will appear on the keypad  ...  or select the "features" option in the top menu to see all the available functions.

Please Note: all function keys appear correctly on the actual keypad overlay that comes with your cartridge. Also, for those with the Gypsy, all function keys appear normally.

I am having such fun working with the Sweethearts cartridge ... with the great selection of adorable images and sentiments that have such wonderful detail (yet are very easy to cut), plus layering pieces, shadows, blackouts, cards, envelopes and tags ... this cartridge offers endless creative possibilities. Even with the function key glitch in the Design Studio Program, it's so easy to work around it (as noted in the "Helpful Hint" above), that I don't see it as being a problem at all. Whether you are creating layouts, cards, home decor items, or a number of other crafts ... I am sure you will enjoy this cartridge as much as I do. Oh, and by the way, my girlfriend liked the cuts I sent her so much, that she couldn't resisit it ... she now owns the Sweethearts cartridge herself!

I hope you will take the time to leave a comment and let me know how useful this review was for you and if you'd like me to do other reviews of this type (I really enjoy your wonderful comments) ... I hope you'll join me as a follower of this blog too!

Thanx again for visiting my Little Creation Corner …. Happy Crafting everyone!



Sandi Clarkson said...

CArol, this was a great review. It's definitely on my list, although I have a few ahead of it. thanks for the glitch tip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol!

Just got the lovely message you left me on my blog! OF COURSE I'll follow you! You do such a good job! Let me tell you, I'm going to get a cricut, and boy do I need advice! I'll be visiting as much as I can!

Thanks so much for your kindness,

Enfys said...

Fantastic creation Carol, and a great review as well, you enabler. I didn't think I needed this cart, but now I will be keeping my eyes open for a deal. I'm following you......
big hugs
En xx

Robyn said...

I love this project Carol!!!! You are such an inspiration!!

AndreaA said...

Thanks Carol. the review was great.
I didn't think I wanted this cart but am beginning to change my mind
I can't believe I wasn't following you but I am now.


Carol, I love this ring card, how unique & beautiful! Thanks for all the tips on the Sweethearts cart, I just got it so I will definately be checking back! Thanks.

Audrey Frelx said...

Soooo cute! Soooo romantic!

emmywinsk said...

Is there anyway to do this without design studio?