Thursday, February 11, 2010

LOVE STRUCK - Cartridge Review

Hello Everyone … This is ♥Carol♥.  Thanx for visiting me here at my Little Creation Corner.  Today I'd like to share a cartridge review with you on the LOVE STRUCK cartridge.  This cartridge is one of the 3 new limited edition mini cartridges released by Provo Craft for the Spring of 2010. 

Let's take a close look at what this cart has to offer ...

This cart is filled with amazingly delicate and intricate images. Without question, this is a collection of the MOST intricate images on any cart released by Provo Craft to date. There are a total of 50 different images which include a delightful mix of sentiments, intricate images and shadows, whimsical cards, envelope, 3-D heart, treat box, and even an adorable mail box. Here is a closer view of how intricate "some" of the images are … aren’t they incredibly beautiful …

Because of the intensely intricate nature of these delicate cuts, some people have experienced a little difficulty cutting them. Remember, Anything this intricate will cut better the larger it is cut.

Here are some setting hints that help you improve the quality of your cuts. Set your Cricut speed on Medium, the pressure on Medium, the blade depth on 4, and do a multi-cut of 2. (Note:  Because the alignment variation of the individual Cricut machines, these settings may need to be modified for your specific machine.  Also, you may need to adjust for the thickness of your cutting material, i.e., paper, fabric, vinyl, etc.) 

For those with either the Cricut Expressions or Create machines, there is a multi-cut feature button right on your Cricut. If you are using the original Cricut Baby Bug, you can do a manual multi-cut as follows … after the first cut and WITHOUT removing your mat, hit the “load paper” button. This will take you back to the same starting point on your mat. Now select the “repeat last” button for the 2nd cut. If you are working with either the Design Studio Program or a Gypsy, you have a "multi-cut feature on your program. 

Yes, this method takes a little a little extra time, but I think you will be pleased at how much cleaner the cuts are if you reduce your speed, pressure and blade depth a little, and cut your image twice. I’ve had great success with this method.

As you might guess, this cart is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Don’t forget … this cart is great for more than just Valentine’s Day … think first dates, first kiss, engagements, anniversaries, weddings … in fact, this cart is perfect for any romantic occasion in your life. I’ll leave you with a (previously posted) mailbox I created using the LOVE STRUCK cart …

(Note - Click on any image to view full size)

BTW ... Have you heard? The Cuttlebug Challenge Blog is giving away 3 Love Struck limited edition mini carts.   To enter is super easy ...

1) Become a follower (for one chance to win)
2) Leave a comment on any, or all, posts this week (you will receive one chance to win for EACH comment).

That's all you have to do ... now how SWEET is that?  Hurry over to the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog to see the full details and for your chance/s to win ... and while you are there, take a look at the amazing project and video by Kathy Orta (from Paper Phenomenon) created using her LOVE STRUCK cartridge!

As always … thank you so much for visiting me here today at the my Little Creation Corner. I hope you enjoyed my review of the LOVE STRUCK cartridge as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Please be sure to leave a comment, I truly love hearing your thoughts ... and, if you are not a follower yet, consider this a Special Invitation to join me!




Clisi96 said...

This is awesome! I would love to win one.

Thanks for doing this!

Happy Valentine's Day! Good luck to everyone!


all4sydney said...

AWESOME! Thanks so much!!

flowerdisco said...

I can wait until I can get that cart. Thanks for the screen shots and tips. Your mailbox is adorable.
Oh and thanks for letting us know about the giveaway too.

Mary said...

I love you mailbox, its so girlie, lol. TFS, Mary M

Ladybug said...

That is just toooo cute! TFS! :-)